The workshop currently offers nine programs as well as an off-site business. In house programs operate with one instructor and 8 – 10 clients, and have two primary areas of focus, client needs and program revenues.

Buttons and Ribbons

This is the oldest program in the workshop having been started in the mid-1970’s with the manufacturing of buttons. In the mid-1980’s it expanded to include the production of ribbons and has continued to grow from there. The finished product is shipped across Canada as well as internationally.

Small Contracts

Small Contracts specializes in mail-outs which includes folding, collating, envelope stuffing, assembly and labelling. They have an on-going contract with the local Lion’s Club for Bingo cards and are also involved in sorting jewellery to be sold in the New-to-You.

 Contract Plus

Contract Plus also partners with Kohler by preparing various supporting, protective devices to assist Kohler when shipping their windows and doors. As well, Contracts Plus has an ongoing contract with Intertape Polymer to cut and label various products for display at their trade shows. We also partnered up with Eastlink and do cleaning and recycling of wires and remotes for resale. Other various assembly contracts may be completed in this program.

 Resources Plus

Resources Plus works on contracts that are not as time sensitive as the other programs and are very involved in recycling within the workshop. They have on-going contracts with Kohler Windows and the Rotary Club in Truro. Within the workshop, they look after the recycling of old books, bottles and cans and bag toys and clothing for the New-to-You.

The New-to-You Store

The New-to-You Store is our retail outlet that sells recycled clothing and ‘yard-sale’ items which are donated by the community as well as serving as an outlet for our rags and kindling. This is run buy two program areas- the New-to-You Program and Second Life Used Goods. Store Hours 9:00a.m – 4:00pm

 The New-to-You program

The New-to-You program looks after the clothing and the running of the store. They accept ‘gently used’ clothing from the community, sort it and send it to one of three different streams. The first is putting it out for sale in the retail area, the second is the “Second Sort’ where things not put in the store are sent overseas and the third is cottons which are used for rags.

Second Life Used Goods

Second Life Used Goods is responsible for the yard sale items. Donations are received by the community and this program sorts and prices them. Any metals and electronics not sold in the store are sent to Enviro-Depots for recycling, the jewellery is sent to Small Contracts and the small toys are sent to Resources Plus to be sorted and priced for the store.

 The Cleaning Program

The Cleaning Program is our janitorial program and they are responsible for keeping the workshop looking clean and presentable.

Intercolonial Cafe

The Intercolonial Café offers items for your coffee break as well as a lunch menu featuring a daily special and has proven to be a popular spot, both in-house and within the local community!


Our Community Employment Program

Our Community Employment Program was developed to support those clients who had an interest in seeking employment within the Community. The instructor in this program works closely with clients in developing resumes, learning the skills necessary to succeed in the work world and how to present themselves in an interview. Upon obtaining employment, the Instructor follows up regularly with the client and employer to ensure all necessary supports are in place, making for a successful work placement.