Hours 9am – 4pm for New to You.  Café remains closed

Donations accepted by Appointment only by calling 902-893-7228 X 105

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Staff Lisitng:

Kimberly Smith Operations Manager 902-893-7228 Ext 118 Truro Canada Email
Kelly Herron-Jacobs Financial Manager 902-893-7228 Ext 105 Truro Canada Email
Susan McCallum Executive Director 902-893-7228 Ext 117 Truro Canada Email
Sue Beckwith Instructor-Ribbons and Buttons 902-893-7228 Ext. 106 Truro Canada Email
Diane Standing Administrative Assistant 902-893-7228 Ext. 103 Truro Canada Email
Charlene McCallum Instructor-Small Contracts 902-893-7228 Ext. 110 Truro Canada Email
Kelly Atwater Operations Support Manager 902-893-7228 Ext. 104 Truro Canada Email
Betty Davis Instructor-Cleaning 902-893-7228 Ext. 108 Truro Canada Email
Bonnie Brown Instructor-Contracts Plus 902-893-7228 Ext. 110 Truro Canada Email
Laura MacKinnon Instructor-New To You 902-893-7228 Ext. 114 Truro Canada Email
Anitra Whidden Instructor Second Life Used goods 902-893-7228 Ext. 102 Truro Canada Email
Coralee Miller Instructor-Cafe 902-893-7228 Ext. 111 Truro Canada Email
Trina Ervin Instructor-Resources Plus 902-893-7228 Ext. 107 Truro Canada Email

Victoria Lomond               Instructor-New To You                               902-893-7228 Ext. 102         Truro    Canada     Email

Coralee Miller Instructor 902-893-7228 Ext. 112 Truro Canada Email
Catharine McMaster Instructor 902-893-7228 Ext. 112 Truro Canada Email

Lorelei Waller                    Instructor-Ribbons Prep                            902-893-7228 Ext. 108          Truro  Canada       Email

Emma Patterson Instructor-Community Employment 902-893-7228 Ext. 110 Truro Canada Email