Colchester Community Workshops Celebrates Community Employment Success Stories!

Colchester Community Workshops would like to celebrate Michelle Hollingsworth. She has worked very hard to be where she is. Michelle successfully works two jobs in the community. One of her jobs is at the Department of Agriculture working the front reception desk. She loves this job and her co-workers. She has worked in the New to You store program which taught her the skills she needs to provide customer service, prioritize, and multitask. She uses all these skills in her job as she is responsible for greeting people, providing parking passes, sorting mail and completing various tasks given to her by her co-workers. She has done so well in this position that in less than six months her superiors asked if she would be able to work more hours per week!
She also works in the New to You store on evenings and weekends. She loves this position also because it has become second nature to her. She maintains the store and makes sure everything is organized.
Michelle is thriving with her community positions and is very proud of her accomplishments, as are we. Way to go Michelle!